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Top quality music, sport and film
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16 January 2001
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De Lords Merchandise. Sport, Music & Television Memorabilia. Top quality music, sport and film souvenirs. Posters, books, calendars, flags and more!

De Lords Merchandise

Sport, Music & Television Memorabilia

De Lords Merchandise
Gordon Road, Camberley
Surrey, GU15 2JQ
Email: info@delordsmerchandise.co.uk

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De Lords Merchandise sell music, film and sports memorabilia. If you are a fan or collector of such items then you have found the right place! Or have you ever wondered where the posters come from that you see in the background on television?

We stock a large range of posters, books and calendars plus also a quite extensive range of international and novelty flags. The mixture of stars and celebrities range from the 1940's upwards to the present day, including many of the newest pop sensations. There is nearly over 200 items to choose from and all our goods make ideal gifts, with a buy any 5 for the price of 4 special offer on the flags!

Please contact us if you are looking for something not listed here or If you would like to receive our catalogue by post. Or to save time just print out our order form and use the prices shown on these pages. Due to the size of posters and shipping costs in sending them we do not sell outside of the UK anymore. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

For requesting a catalogue you will also be included in our free monthly draw, if you do not wish to be entered please click the 'no draw' box on the catalogue form page.

Good news! We have now teamed up with CD WOW and Latest Events for all your music and concert needs at great value prices, with chart cd's starting from under nine pounds.

2 new posters now in! Barbie and The Offspring

The January free draw prize!

Due to some of the contents of the video, this draw is only open to people 18 and over.